My Insta-famous Organza Sari


I recently posted an organza sari from Picchika that I had styled with a belt and it received A LOTof inquiries on my Instagram.

Here is some imagery that inspired my look:

Chai Time by Stella Simona_desi_sari inspiration_4.jpg
Chai Time by Stella Simona_desi_sari inspiration_1.jpg
Chai Time by Stella Simona_desi_sari inspiration_2.jpg
Chai Time by Stella Simona_desi_sari inspiration_5.jpg

Aside from weddings and extravagant parties, the sari is a style of a dress worn commonly for everyday wear whether you are out running errands, headed to the office, or having a dinner date.  When it comes to Desi fashion there’s a common misconception that EVERYTHING has to look very ornate and elaborate in every way possible. I’ve always been a fan of effortlessness. This casual look is inspired by the women I observed during my travels to Bangladesh. Though these looks are guaranteed to turn heads, they are a beautiful balance of understate and intricate at the same time.

Did you guys like inspo? What are your thoughts on my look? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to know!

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