5 Masks You Can Try While Sleeping


I love that masks are a trending beauty phenomenon right now. I'm a major natural beauty advocate and it's refreshing to see this embraced in our culture. I recently began exploring overnight masks and wanted to share my finds with you.

In order from left to right I have included the beauty benefits of each mask:

  1. Yes To Cucumber Soothing & Calming Sleeping Mask // This mask is perfect for all skin types, especially those with sensitive skin. The cucumber elements in it let you wake up to calm and refreshed skin. 

  2. Sephora Collection Sleep Masks // I've shared my favorite one as a default -- the pomegranate, however this link will take you to the entire collection of all 8 of Sephora's sleep masks. This pomegranate mask in particular wakes you up to more  refreshed and toned skin. 

  3. Grapefruit Vitamin C Boosting Sleeping Mask // This mask is perfect for all skin types. The grapefruit and vitamin C ingredients give you a smoother, softer, moisturized, and much brighter appearance.

  4. Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Sleeping Mask // This mask does it all. The charcoal extracts the toxins and dirt in your pore while you are sleeping. The mask also contains salicylic acid which helps destroys pimples and helps keep new pimples from forming. The tomato tones and softens the skin. If you have bad skin, suffering from a breakout, or want to feel intense results this is the best mask to try.

  5. Yes To Coconut Ultra Hyrdrating Moisturizing Sleeping Mask // This coconut oil mask is best anyone who suffers from dry skin. Wake up to moisturized skin.  

Even if your life always seems really busy and on the go, masks make it easy to reset and self indulge and practice self care. 

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